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The Search Process
  • Company: philosophy, products, markets, positions, goals, job profile, terms/conditions

  • Consulting

  • Development of written specifications.

  • Feedback

Research (appr. 14 days)
  • Identification, analysis and selection of target company.

  • Identification of potential candidates.

  • Use of additional sources.

Telephone Interviews (appr. 10 days)
  • Discrete and confidential telephone contacts

  • Telephone interviews.

  • Insider tips

  • Selection for personal interviews.

Personal Interviews (appr. 14 days)
  • Presentation of client / position to candidate.

  • Interview regarding education, career, responsibility, performance, achievements, suitability, interest, motivation, mobility, income.

  • Motivating the candidate.

Pre-Selection (appr. 2 days)
  • Comparison & evaluation of candidates seen

  • Selection of the 3-5 best candidates.

  • Negotiation presentation appointments.

  • Presentation of selected candidates in confidential reports.

  • Personal presentation of candidates.

  • Facilitation of client / candidate interviews.

  • Selection support.

Affirmation of Selection
  • Reference check.

  • Pre-negotiation of contract terms.

  • Motivation, support, consulting.

  • Negotiation and signing of contract between client and candidate.

  • Evaluation of client and candidate satisfaction during probation period.

  • Further collaboration if needed.

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